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Lakeshore Roofing

Lakeshore Roofing

A house is only as strong as its roof. Too often, however, homeowners pay little attention to the covering that hovers above them. Beyond their aesthetic importance, roofs provide defense against wind, snow, heat, rain, hail, and all other kinds of environmental hazards. They are the helmets in your home, and you must ensure you build them strongly and maintain them adequately. One of the easiest ways of achieving this is by employing reliable roofers to do the job for you. Whether you’re looking to construct, re-roof, or maintain an old roof, APC Roofing Services should be the company of choice for all your Lakeshore roofing needs.

What temperature is too cold to roof a house?

As you might know already, roofing temperature could affect the longevity of your roof. Nice and warm weather would be just perfect for roofing. But this doesn’t mean you must wait till summer before re-roofing or repairing your roof. Moreover, many homeowners do not detect problems with their roof until the rains start.

Although the ideal temperature for roofing is between 50- and 60-degrees Fahrenheit, no law says you cannot install your roof during very warm or cold weather. The Lakeshore roofing experts in charge of your project would simply need to take extra precautions.

What are some winter roofing challenges?

  • There is a higher risk of slip and fall or similar accidents due to the slick surfaces and reduced visibility
  • Roofing materials such as fiberglass shingles and shakes become more brittle
  • Most shingle adhesives have a harder time sticking at temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius.

Is it possible to replace a roof in the winter?

As mentioned earlier, it’s still possible to successfully roof your residential or commercial building during the winter. Here are some of the techniques our professional Lakeshore roofing contractors employ to ensure we carry out a perfect job:

Keeping the shingles warm

Keeping the roofing shingles warm decreases their chances of breaking or not sticking properly. A simple way to achieve this is by storing them in a heated warehouse or garage and not moving them out only when we need them.

Properly sealing the shingles

The technique for sealing shingles during the winter may differ slightly from the conventional technique. As opposed to leaving the adhesive out in the sun to stick, your Lakeshore roofing experts may need to hand-seal with the help of asphalt roofing cement or some other approved adhesive. Also, the installation contractors would need to pay extra attention to the rakes and eaves.

Contact us for the best Lakeshore roofing services

At APC Roofing Services, we have an impressive track record of satisfactorily meeting all the roofing needs of our clients. Our vast experience in the industry ensures that we have plugs for a diverse range of quality roofing materials that would last for years. Whether your project is a new construction or re-roofing, residential or commercial roofing, you can trust that we’ll deliver high-quality services at a price that gives you the best value for your money. Get in touch with us to schedule a free inspection and provide an estimate for your Lakeshore roofing repair or maintenance.

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